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The Project

Duration: 3 days

Methods: Competitor Analysis, Heuristic Evaluation, UI Benchmarking, Ideation, UI Design, Prototyping

Tools: Figma


This challenge took place during my time at Ironhack Paris’ UX/UI Bootcamp. We were tasked with choosing a native iOS or Android application and redesign it without the use of a UI Kit. Over…

The Project

Duration: 13 days

Methods: JBTD Interviews, Surveys, Wireframing, Empathy Map, Ideation, Prototyping, UI Design

Tools: Figma


With the advancements and growing accessibility of technology, the health and wellness industry has been experiencing considerable changes. Today’s consumers are embracing wearable technologies and other activity-tracking products more than ever before. …

The Project

HOPCYCLE is an alternative transport solution and companion app and the first project that I worked on during the Ironhack UX/UI Bootcamp. Working in a team of four, we designed this project from brief to mid-fi wireframe through UX research and Design Thinking.

Duration: 9 days

Methods: Secondary Research, User…

This week, I learned two skills with one challenge. I learned how to wireframe all while learning how to use Figma.

First of all, what is a wireframe?

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

A wireframe is a sketch used during the conception stage of a user interface. It serves an ergonomic purpose as it defines the zones and components that the interface…

I never thought I’d know so much about my friends’ opinions on Public Transport.

For my first article about Ironhack’s UX Prework, I’ll be explaining the process of Design Thinking and the ensuing project for Citymapper I had to take on (and how I’ve been getting on my loved ones’ nerves by asking them if they prefer buses or trams at Christmas time).

First of all, what is Design Thinking?


This coming February, I will be starting my training to become a UX/UI Designer with Ironhack at one of their Full-Time Paris Bootcamps. UX and UI Design haven’t always been where I’ve wanted to be, yet I now struggle to see myself working in a different field. This is the story of how I got where I am today and started doing what I’m doing now.

After obtaining a humanities baccalaureat, I was lucky enough to get into Sciences Po Toulouse at the age of 18. I discovered a passion for sociology but also realised that law and economics were not subjects that particularly made me tick and that I had applied for the school for…

LC Fawcett

UX Designer at V-Cult, on a mission to promote knowledge and cultural transmission through XR design.

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